The technology and security of our modern data center, is not only the latest and most effective, but also very environmentally friendly as well.



Our data center meets the needs of the FICORA 48 B/2004 M Order 'Essential Facilities', and the TIA-942 (TIA-942 Data center Standards, April 2005) requirements. The facilities are equipped with an access control system, which reports and registers all events as unique occurrences. All visits are closely monitored and state of who has visited and date and time are logged. The access control system is complemented by a separate access control alarm and video surveillance system. All warnings/ alarms are transferred directly to a security service centre. 

Automatic fire alarm system alerts of potential warnings directly to the local ERCA and security services center.  Fire detection equipment consists of a sampling-based early-warning function. This allows for early detection of fire. In case of fire, our Fire-fighting equipment is equipped with an automatic fire suppression system. The system is human safe and in case of an emergency situation, our data center will continue to operate without disruption to services.



Uninterrupted power supply system, provides 40kW of power to each rack. The latest rack technology can use up to 20 kW, so our data center's capacity meets the needs of tomorrow. Since our goal is to serve as an environmentally friendly and ecological as possible, the data center energy efficiency (PUE, Power Usage effectiveness) is monitored in real time.  Each rack's power consumption is measured individually, which means that the customer pays for only their own electricity being used and not for others.

Normal electricity power supply is provided by our own mega-watt transformer, which is connected to a 20kV electric power circuit. In case of a power failure, our reserve system is equipped with a modular battery UPS power supply. The last secondary power supply is provided by our own 800 KVA generator.



Thanks to our environmentally friendly Energy-efficient cooling solution we do not need to cool the entire data center. Cold Isle solution allows the use of a higher temperature than normal, thus taking advantage of free cooling for longer periods of time.

Redundant cooling system consists of a verified standard air-conditioning machines, cold-water station, and condensers.  Refrigeration system has a capacity of 400 kW, 100% on free cooling. The cooling system is also fully connected to our uninterrupted power supply system.

All of our systems are tested on a regular monthly basis.